No longer just a sideshow

With fries being a key player on menus right across foodservice, we have bolstered our Country Range potato portfolio with the addition of a trifecta of plate-of-the-art new fries.

Here’s the crunch!

Ensuring chefs have a top-quality, full-flavoured, crunchy and consistent fry for all occasions, the new Country Range trio are made using full-flavoured Fontane potatoes and include 10mm Double Crunch Skin-On Fries, 14mm Double Crunch Fries and 19mm Triple Cooked Chunky Fries.   

Utilising the latest chip technology, the premium fry trinity have an innovative invisible coating and delivers an impeccable crispness and crunch. 

Stays crisp longer

Gloriously golden in colour and visually appealing, the coating provides a light salting to help a quick and easy serve plus it means the Double Crunch fries will hold their crunch for 40 minutes and Triple Cooked for at least 20 minutes, both much longer than standard fries, once taken out of the fryer or oven. 

The ground-breaking 19mm Triple Cooked Chunky Fries offer a thicker cut and an unassailable, supremely silky, almost mash potato centre. They are a perfect solution for caterers wanting the quality of freshly prepared fries, without the hassle. 

Real timesavers

The new fry triad are gluten-free, pre-fried in sunflower oil instead of palm oil prior to freezing and are beneficial to kitchens of all sizes, especially those offering food to go.  

Great for helping chefs to save time, reduce waste and upweight their sides and snacks offering, the fries can be ‘pimped up’ and loaded with all manner of imaginative toppings.  

Available Now

The three new SKUs are available immediately in 2.5kg bags, which come in boxes of four. Order yours today.

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